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2013 Images

'Water Lily' CnidariaDark Parrotfish SceneBlue and Green Clam Mantle
'Water Lily' Cnidaria
Dark Parrotfish Scene
Blue and Green Clam Mantle
Column of CrinoidsAqua Soft Coral ScenePink Stalk Anemone II
Column of Crinoids
Aqua Soft Coral Scene
Pink Stalk Anemone II
Comb JellyPink Hard Coral TopsCrinoid on Spiral Coral
Comb Jelly
Pink Hard Coral Tops
Crinoid on Spiral Coral
Ghost Goby on Red Soft CoralOrangutan FamilyYellow Damsel in Red Soft Coral
Ghost Goby on Red Soft Coral
Orangutan Family
Yellow Damsel in Red Soft Coral
Orange Filament on Brain CoralDemon StingerFlamingo Tongue
Orange Filament on Brain Coral
Demon Stinger
Flamingo Tongue
Large Red and White FanScene at Raja AmpatKomodo Fan Scene
Large Red and White Fan
Scene at Raja Ampat
Komodo Fan Scene
Scene at G6 Dive Site IITwo Butterflies at an AnchorOrange-Lined Triggerfish
Scene at G6 Dive Site II
Two Butterflies at an Anchor
Orange-Lined Triggerfish
Eagle RayManta Feeding
Eagle Ray
Manta Feeding
Crinoid on Spiral Coral (square)Tiny Crinoid
Crinoid on Spiral Coral (square)
Tiny Crinoid
Orangutan Family (square)Picturesque DragonetPygmy Seahorse
Orangutan Family (square)
Picturesque Dragonet
Pygmy Seahorse
Round JellyRound Jelly Under
Round Jelly
Round Jelly Under

2012 Images

Blue Sponge and Tunicates (square)Blenny in a Hole (square)
Blue Sponge and Tunicates (square)
Blenny in a Hole (square)
Ornate Ghost Pipefish (square)Striped Feather DusterFireworks Soft Coral (square)
Ornate Ghost Pipefish (square)
Striped Feather Duster
Fireworks Soft Coral (square)
Pink Whip Coral and DamselfishBlue Sponge and TunicatesWhite and Magenta Soft Corals
Pink Whip Coral and Damselfish
Blue Sponge and Tunicates
White and Magenta Soft Corals
Like A RoseOrnate Ghost Pipefish in CrinoidsFireworks Soft Coral
Like A Rose
Ornate Ghost Pipefish in Crinoids
Fireworks Soft Coral
Clown Triggerfish SceneIvory Soft CoralsBlenny in a Hole
Clown Triggerfish Scene
Ivory Soft Corals
Blenny in a Hole
Crinoid on Staghorn CoralTwo Skunk AnemonefishStriped Crinoid
Crinoid on Staghorn Coral
Two Skunk Anemonefish
Striped Crinoid
Cuttlefish in a Feather DusterRed Stemmed FansMagenta and Yellow Soft Corals
Cuttlefish in a Feather Duster
Red Stemmed Fans
Magenta and Yellow Soft Corals
Pipefish Carrying EggsOrangutan CrabClownfish Guarding Eggs
Pipefish Carrying Eggs
Orangutan Crab
Clownfish Guarding Eggs
Damsels in a SpongeGiant Frogfish in a SpongeScorpionfish in a Sponge
Damsels in a Sponge
Giant Frogfish in a Sponge
Scorpionfish in a Sponge
Reef Shark over Hard CoralJellyfish CloseManta Leaving
Reef Shark over Hard Coral
Jellyfish Close
Manta Leaving
Blue Sea CucumberSchool of Striped CatfishGreen Nudibranch and Tunicates
Blue Sea Cucumber
School of Striped Catfish
Green Nudibranch and Tunicates
White Spotted PufferfishSweetlipsTwo-Eyed Coralfish
White Spotted Pufferfish
Two-Eyed Coralfish


These carved cement sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor are located near Isla Mujeres, Mexico not far from Cancun. Not only are they an artistic venture, but also function as an artificial reef. Weighing one to two tons each, they are placed in such a way that they should withstand a category 4 hurricane. The concrete is porous to enable corals to attach and grow on the sculptures. In a few years they should be totally covered with corals, sponges, etc.

With an English father and Guyanese mother Taylor was raised in Europe and Asia. His early interest in the underwater world was in Malaysia. At a young age he had a fascination with art in public places, beginning as a graffiti artist. Later he had formal training in art, graduating in 1998 from the London Institute of Arts, with a B.A. Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics.

There are three areas near Cancun and Isla Mujeres where one can find these marvelous sculptures of indigenous figures. I have only visited one, but hope to see them all some day. There is another installation in Grenada, West Indies.

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Young GirlMan On FireLittle Boy Seated
Young Girl
Man On Fire
Little Boy Seated
Woman PrayingSad SweeperPregnant Woman
Woman Praying
Sad Sweeper
Pregnant Woman
Wise Old ManWoman with Arms CrossedMan Thinking
Wise Old Man
Woman with Arms Crossed
Man Thinking
Group of Statues
Group of Statues

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