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A Couple of Anemonefish (square)Colorful Anemone II
A Couple of Anemonefish (square)
Colorful Anemone II
Swirling FilamentMoorish IdolsFeather Duster
Swirling Filament
Moorish Idols
Feather Duster
Fire Urchin Close (square)Harlequin ShrimpFire Urchin Shrimp (square)
Fire Urchin Close (square)
Harlequin Shrimp
Fire Urchin Shrimp (square)
Nudi Riding High (square)Green Anemone and Clownfish (square)Fire Urchin
Nudi Riding High (square)
Green Anemone and Clownfish (square)
Fire Urchin
MandarinfishTwo MandarinfishLarge Fire Urchin
Two Mandarinfish
Large Fire Urchin
Blue Clam Mantle (square)Gold Clam Mantle (square)Blue Christmas Tree Filaments
Blue Clam Mantle (square)
Gold Clam Mantle (square)
Blue Christmas Tree Filaments
Swimming Crinoid (square)Purple Stalk AnemoneLionfish Approaching (square)
Swimming Crinoid (square)
Purple Stalk Anemone
Lionfish Approaching (square)
Light Pink Soft Coral Stem (square)Round OctocoralPink Stalk Anemone
Light Pink Soft Coral Stem (square)
Round Octocoral
Pink Stalk Anemone

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