Connie Whelan’s training was in Classical Music. She was a member of the Oregon Symphony viola section from1979 until 2006. Now retired from the music world she has time to devote all of her energies to her passion for Underwater Photography.

Photo courtesy of the Oregon Symphony

Ms. Whelan’s interest in travel led to snorkeling in Belize. Scuba diving followed soon after. Wishing to show her friends the beauty of the seas she soon got a camera and one thing led to another. She has studied underwater photography with Jim Beveridge, Cathy Church and Stephen Frink.

Coral Perspectives became a business in 1996. Ms. Whelan’s images have been taken while diving in the tropical waters of the Caribbean, Red Sea, Andaman Sea and South Pacific. She travels overseas three times a year in order to add to her portfolio of exotic subaquatic images.

Photo of Connie Whelan courtesy of the Oregon Symphony